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The Perks of Having Older Employees and How to Handle Them
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There are lots of misperceptions and stereotypes regarding older workers. Typically, most hiring managers believe that older employees are more susceptible to burnout than their younger counterparts. Such ideas are often ill-informed. The 2009 report from the Sloan Centre on Aging & Work reveals that aging workers score high when it comes to reliability, loyalty, and productivity.


Who are older workers?

The definition of what constitutes an older worker has remained elusive for long. There are many inconsistencies in the definitions provided out there making it challenging...

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Benefits That Employees Really Want
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Are you thinking about advertising for a job vacancy that needs filling? Employee’s benefits should be one of the factors to consider. While many employers offer attractive salaries, employees still need perks that would make their job more comfortable and stay motivated. Below are some of the benefits that employees really want. 


Health Cover

One of the basic perks that employees look at when going through a job advertisement is the availability of medical insurance. No employee wants to incur his or her costs by falling sick or suffering an injury while at work. As an...

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Practical Advice
How To Nail Your Next Job Advertisement
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Are you thinking of filling a vacant job position? A job advertisement is the most effective method of reaching your intended audience. However, they need to be done professionally so as to attract the right candidates and reduce the possibility of under-qualified job hunters from applying for the vacancy. As you create the perfect advert, there are various factors that you need to keep in mind. 


Appealing First Impression

There are hundreds of vacancies posted on various job boards daily, and job seekers do not have the time to go through each of them. Therefore, ou need...

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Practical Advice
Job Interviews Outside The Office? Here's How To Procure An Offsite-Interview
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Recruitment in an organisation is not always conducted in the office. The HR may choose a different location which could be influenced by various factors. Interviews done on the company’s premises may interfere with the normal operations, while the HR team is also interested in learning the behaviour of the candidates in a more relaxed environment. As the HR manager, you need to keep in mind that you are the company’s brand ambassador, even when conducting offsite job interviews.


Plan and Strategise Your Offsite Job Interviews

Conducting offsite job interviews can...

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Practical Advice
When Ways Part – Writing Conflictfree Reference Letters
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Many employers are held back from writing reference letters for various reasons:  While the letter may come in handy for candidates looking for a new job as it indicates the verifiable experience, skills and qualifications of the potential employee. Employers, on the other hand, need to be cautious when writing reference letters due to possible lawsuits from the terminated employee. 


Revisit the Company’s Policies

As a former employer, it would be difficult to give the subsequent employer all the requested information of your former employee. Most of the...

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Successful Remote Work
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Remote working has gained some popularity over the last few years. Research findings attribute this phenomenon to its nature; it allows workers more flexibility as they can work from home. However, successful remote working requires employees to have a healthy attitude towards work. This ensures that they can maintain their work discipline even when working away from the office. 


Successful remote work adoption

Adopting remote work as a work policy calls for a careful consideration of the nature of work of the company. Remote work doesn’t favour companies whose nature of...

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Balanced HR Leadership in Diverse Workforce Management
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HR plays a critical role in ensuring and promoting workplace diversity. Its key role in leadership and diversity management is to establish and strengthen an organizational culture that ensures an all-inclusive and respectful environment, where every employee enjoys an equal opportunity of continued learning and growth as they contribute to the success of the organization.

With the existing trends of globalization, race diversity becomes not only a moral issue but also a great benefit to companies opting for a diverse workplace. While there have been improvements in ensuring diversity,...

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Why a Sabbatical is Not the Same Thing as a Career Break
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The terms “sabbatical” and “career break” are often used interchangeably, which is wrong since there are crucial distinctions. For the sake of clarity, both employers and employees should understand these expressions and their implications. It’s also worth noting there are important considerations to be addressed when planning a sabbatical. This article aims to succinctly clarify this matter.

Understanding the Difference between a Career Break and a Sabbatical

A career break and a sabbatical are comparable arrangements since both revolve around an ...

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The role of HR in change management
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The acronym VUCA stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, which represents the potentially high speed and turbulent times which a business or company may face. Managing personnel issues, HR takes part in mastering these challenges.


How VUCA manifests itself

Volatility happens when a business is subjected to rapid, frequent and significant change such as the rise or fall of prices in a short period of time. This results in uncertainty since a business may not be able to predict what will happen next. This further leads to complexity or chaotic situations as the...

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Hiring entire teams blends both old and new in one useful package
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When making hiring decisions, it is typical to hire and staff teams by individual. Occasionally, you may bring in a pair of other employees from a different department, but in general teams are composed piecemeal of people who were, individually, the right person for their position. In many cases, this works well.

But there are drawbacks

At the same time, the HR department that often oversees hiring decisions will also see a number of transfers between departments, and even resignations. Conflict can arise when two individuals, both hired for a given purpose and both effective at...

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