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Keep Employes From Leaving by Understanding Their True Motives
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Watching employees come and go is just part of corporate life, but there are special situations that may prompt your intervention. What is the best way to handle an unwanted employee resignation, you may wonder? By using a little tact, skillful communication and a good measure of common sense. 

The first crucial step in convincing employees to stay is to determine exactly why they’re trying to leave, so you can then propose to fix those issues if possible or somehow update your terms in a way that will change their mind. This is a little trickier than it sounds since it involves...

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Employee Engagement Essentials – How to Get Dedicated Staff
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According to the Office of National Statistics, the UK's employment rates reached an all-time high in March 2018, so it's vital to retain talented employees. Boosting employee engagement can be the key to encouraging staff to stay – but how can you do this?


Show Staff That They Matter

Your employees will feel more engaged if they know their work makes a difference, and that their efforts have been noted and appreciated. For example, setting clear, interconnected company, department, team and individual goals will help staff members to see how important their...

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Communication is Key to Change Management
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Businesses often have to change the way they operate in order to try and stay competitive in their industry. Yet change can often bring resistance, with staff reluctant to give up what they may see as tried and tested methods. One of the key factors in initiating successful change is taking your employees with you, involving them and keeping them engaged throughout the process. Most importantly it’s keeping them informed. 


Communication is vital 

In a Robert Half study, 65% of managers thought communication was the most important part of leading any team through...

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Are You a Workaholic?
Thumb workaholics

There is nothing wrong if someone is dedicated to their work. However, overworking even when you're away from work and always having work-related thoughts are some of the traits that define a workaholic. 


Talk to Your Employees 

As a human resource manager, you should have candid conversations with your employees concerning how they can attain a work-life balance that is better and book their remaining time as soon as possible to avoid becoming completely exhausted through overwork down the line. 


Survey Conducted by Glassdoor 

A high percentage of...

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Why every enterprise needs learnability
Thumb learnability

“Learnability” is the new keyword when it comes to weighing up staff. It’s being seen by some companies as the most sought-after attribute for both employees and job candidates, even up to senior executive level. Learnability describes someone's aptitude for learning, developing new skills and adopting novel ways of doing things. Those individuals who are highly proficient learners, are seen as adaptable and therefore able to keep pace with the dizzying level of technological and commercial change companies are currently coping with. Disruptive innovation...

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Practical Advice
Fixed-Term Contracts in HR
Thumb befristete arbeitsvertra%cc%88ge

There are several employment statuses available for businesses serving specific purposes. One of them is the fixed-term contract. Few can understand its parameters, but why exactly are fixed-term contracts in HR worth considering? 


What is a Fixed-Term Employment Status? 

A fixed-term contract is an employment status that is deemed to end after a specific period. Employees on this contract are in the business for a definite duration or a particular purpose to which after completion, the contract expires. The termination of the contract is determined by objectives, including...

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Practical Advise
Dealing with Criminal Offenses at the Workplace
Thumb kriminalita%cc%88t mitarbeiter

Criminal offenses often take place in the workplace. How they are addressed is vital. Each offense may require a different approach depending on whether it is work-related or not. Cooperation between employee and employer is mandatory for a fast and amicable solution.

Work-related Offenses

Here is what to consider when dealing with the offenses:

  1. Consider whether or not to suspend the employee. The action to take depends on the weight of the crime. Offenses affecting individual and other workmates performance may require suspending the culprits.
  2. Look for relevant evidence through internal...

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How Pivotal HR is in digital transformation
Thumb hr digitalisierung

Businesses and organizations' digital growth is proving to be vital for their competitiveness and success. The role of HR is equally essential in realizing this goal. Employees of companies have to embrace digitization. Digitization does not only refer to technological advancements but also to processes and structures. This progress in an organization is dependent on the human resource, its will and ability to instill the concept in their staff. A company stuck with traditional cultures and practices will be slow to make important decisions thus missing out on significant opportunities....

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Notable Employee Training Trends: Digitally Based Insight and Clarity
Thumb weiterbildung mitarbeiter

The role of employees within the modern workforce is continuing to evolve, so it only makes sense that their training methods will change accordingly. What are three notable trends to look out for and how will they shape the concept of "business as usual"? 


The Role of Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Sometimes referred to as "vILT", this process seeks to translate classroom-based learning into the virtual domain. As technology continues to advance, this method represents a versatile and immersive solution that offers minimal workplace disruption. Webinars and...

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AI is Revolutionising Recruiting
Thumb ai recruiting

Placing the right talent for a specific job is a task that has always been left to the human resource department. However, it is among the most difficult tasks in any company. This is because recruiting an undesirable person for the job proves to be really costly for the entire company. 


Analysing and Interpreting

Although job recruitment is a costly and delicate affair, when the right person is matched to the job, then the success of the company is obviously guaranteed. Some artificial intelligence companies have decided to venture into the job recruitment field and it is...

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