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How to Boost Productivity and Improve Retention with No-Cost Employee Incentives
How to Boost Productivity and Improve Retention with No-Cost Employee Incentives
Time icon 9 November 2018, 13:11 pm

Money isn’t the only way to motivate employees. More staffers want recognition and incentives. Keeping your workforce motivated and loyal is essential to running a thriving business. If your employees feel undervalued and overworked, they are going to slow down their efficiency. 

The right kind of employee incentives can make a world of difference in your overall productivity. Proper incentives offer real value and produce efficient staffers and more so, loyal ones. 

However, employee incentives can get very costly quickly. Herein are smart ways to give your employees incentives spending a dime from the company’s budget. 


1. Observe and Give Compliments 

Compliments may be brushed off with a smile, mostly because it sounds generic and impersonal. An excellent manager pays keen attention to what their staffers are doing and how they are handling tasks. When complementing an employee, you want to highlight how great they were and what exactly you’re praising them for. 


2. Listen To and Consider Employee Suggestions 

Many of your employees have bright ideas on ways to improve the business. Always take your time to listen to their suggestions and consider reasonable feedbacks. Also, involve them in making the adjustments. 


3. Give Your Employees Tasks Not Directives 

Real innovation comes about when employees are free to do their work in a manner they feel more productive. For example, it’s unreasonable to make your employee go through a tedious and repetitive task when they could instead employ an automated process and end up saving time. Give employees a chance to do their job in a way they are most productive while ensuring that they don’t compromise on quality. 


4. Be Flexible With their Presence 

If members of your staff are quite capable of performing their duties from home, that it can be a great way to improve their productivity while keeping them happy and motivated. 



There are many great incentives for motivating employees. However, you should note that they may not work with all employees or companies. Always adjust and adapt to find the best employee incentives that keep everyone happy.