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2019 Hiring Outlook: The Employee Experience
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A report was released about the 2019 Hiring Outlook and the main topic of interest was employee experience. The main details being the 4 different ways that can be used to attract, engage and retain employees in your firm in the current competitive market.

In this article you will get insight into some of the factors that impact the employee engagement greatly and their general well-being. This is all with an aim to assist the employer to have an easy navigation through today’s market. There is a very competitive job market for employers, and the hiring outlook will offer some of...

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Employer Branding: These 5 topics were particularly interesting for HR Managers 2018
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Finding good and reliable personnel is an increasingly demanding task. This is shown not only by the statistics on vacancies, but also by the topics HR managers were most interested in – according to our DSP selfcampaign that analyses which articles managers read in 2018. For example, 43 percent of HR managers in 2018 were looking for articles on recruiting. 


Recruiting via social networks

In 2018, professional networks such as Xing and LinkedIn continued to gain importance in recruiting. According to a recent study by the job portal "Monster" in cooperation...

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