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What's the trend with HR shared service centers?
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In the current economy characterized by cutthroat competition, organisations are finding ways to promote efficiency, enhance productivity, and cut costs through the way they operate. One way to achieve this is through HR shared services. Shared services is when organisations centralise their administrative function. The function being centralised may have existed in more than one part of the organisation, and therefore sharing it will eliminate duplication, and thus allow for more focus to be placed on HR Strategy.


Advantages of HR shared services

Since shared services means there...

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Practical Advice
Keep Employes From Leaving by Understanding Their True Motives
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Watching employees come and go is just part of corporate life, but there are special situations that may prompt your intervention. What is the best way to handle an unwanted employee resignation, you may wonder? By using a little tact, skillful communication and a good measure of common sense. 

The first crucial step in convincing employees to stay is to determine exactly why they’re trying to leave, so you can then propose to fix those issues if possible or somehow update your terms in a way that will change their mind. This is a little trickier than it sounds since it involves...

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