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Practical Advice
Hiring College Graduates
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Employers are always on the lookout for new talent to recruit, replace, or add to their workforce. One of the ways to do this is by hiring college graduates. While it is true that fresh college graduates make up a large percentage of the unemployed, employers should not assume that they will come knocking on their doors looking for jobs. It is important to employ proper strategies to not only ensure you attract potential workforce, but also that you are able to tap on the best and top talent there is out there. Here are some strategies you can use.


Invest in networks

It is important...

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Need for Speed: tactics for faster recruitment
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With more and more companies seeking opportunities for expansion, the job market is getting heated up with competition and demand for competent talent can soar. Nowadays, hiring qualified experts has increasingly become challenging, not to mention costly. The need for speed in recruitment is more important than ever before. It’s time for businesses to up their game and come up with better strategies. Here are some top tips for faster hiring that every recruiter should know about. 


Go mobile 

Being mobile or flexible in the recruitment industry is essential in...

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Advantages of Benefits Plans to Both the Employer and the Employees
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There are numerous advantages of providing employees benefits plans. Both the employee and the employer stand to benefit from the additional services given to employees. The employers get to retain their most skilled employees and attract new employees in this competitive job sector. Employers who provide their employees with limited benefits plan will end up losing their skilled employees and very few new employees will want to work for them. 

The employee benefits do not need to be expensive non-wages compensations such as expensive cars, paid vacations, or medical covers. A simple...

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Practical Advise
How to tackle age discrimination in the workplace?
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Age is a protected characteristic in the Equality Act, 2010 but, unfortunately, ageism is still rife in many workplaces. Age discrimination is defined as adverse treatment for those over 40 based on their age rather than their individual attributes. Unfortunately, a 2015 study revealed that the older you are, the more likely you are to be on the receiving end of age discrimination – less likely to be recruited for a new job, a higher chance of being made redundant and passed over for promotion. Apart from being illegal, ageism is also bad for your business; failing to recruit...

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Practical Advice
Preventing Bad Hires in the Future
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Bad hiring decisions unfortunately happen, despite the best intentions of the interviewer. Managers can usually spot these individuals in a very short space of time, perhaps due to a poor attitude or a lack of skills that had been advertised at the interview. While it may not be possible to ease a disappointing newcomer out of the company quickly, there are several ways to reduce the risk of a repeated scenario. 


Avoiding poor attitudes 

Many people perform very well in front of the interviewer, confident, enthusiastic and polite. They are aware, at this stage, that they...

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The Key Points to Making Job-Sharing Work
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As people look for a better work-life balance, the idea of job-sharing is becoming increasingly credible. New parents, carers, people looking to spend more time on a freelance project or hobbies can see the potential of sharing a working week with another employee. Yet, this can work to the employers advantage too. Two people can bring different ideas and accumulated years of professional experience for the price of one. 


Partnership of Trust 

For job-sharing to work, the two employees need to be the right fit for each other and the company. Each of the...

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Practical Advice
Here's Why Your Business Needs Reverse Mentoring
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You've likely heard all of the benefits of traditional mentoring, where a seasoned employee or manager helps a new hire along as they learn the ropes, but have you ever heard of reverse mentoring? This is a situation where the new hires teach their skills to the seasoned employees with the idea that they have a wealth of new and modern knowledge to bring to the table. It's a powerful way to run a business. Here's why.


Rules for Reverse Mentoring

If you'd like to give reverse mentoring a try in your business or office environment, there are several factors that come...

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What's the trend with HR shared service centers?
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In the current economy characterized by cutthroat competition, organisations are finding ways to promote efficiency, enhance productivity, and cut costs through the way they operate. One way to achieve this is through HR shared services. Shared services is when organisations centralise their administrative function. The function being centralised may have existed in more than one part of the organisation, and therefore sharing it will eliminate duplication, and thus allow for more focus to be placed on HR Strategy.


Advantages of HR shared services

Since shared services means there...

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Practical Advice
Keep Employes From Leaving by Understanding Their True Motives
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Watching employees come and go is just part of corporate life, but there are special situations that may prompt your intervention. What is the best way to handle an unwanted employee resignation, you may wonder? By using a little tact, skillful communication and a good measure of common sense. 

The first crucial step in convincing employees to stay is to determine exactly why they’re trying to leave, so you can then propose to fix those issues if possible or somehow update your terms in a way that will change their mind. This is a little trickier than it sounds since it involves...

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Employee Engagement Essentials – How to Get Dedicated Staff
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According to the Office of National Statistics, the UK's employment rates reached an all-time high in March 2018, so it's vital to retain talented employees. Boosting employee engagement can be the key to encouraging staff to stay – but how can you do this?


Show Staff That They Matter

Your employees will feel more engaged if they know their work makes a difference, and that their efforts have been noted and appreciated. For example, setting clear, interconnected company, department, team and individual goals will help staff members to see how important their...

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