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How Pivotal HR is in digital transformation
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Businesses and organizations' digital growth is proving to be vital for their competitiveness and success. The role of HR is equally essential in realizing this goal. Employees of companies have to embrace digitization. Digitization does not only refer to technological advancements but also to processes and structures. This progress in an organization is dependent on the human resource, its will and ability to instill the concept in their staff. A company stuck with traditional cultures and practices will be slow to make important decisions thus missing out on significant opportunities....

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What Experts Think About The Workforce 2020
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Worksforce 2020 – that's what the New York Times is calling the upcoming changes in work. The corresponding publication entitled "Journalism that Stands Apart" focuses on the effect of digital transformation of the workplace on the staff. This transformation goes beyond the digitisation of communication that has been done already. Workforce 2020 comes with a paradigm that influences the entire approach to business. It aims at using the digital platforms to optimise work arrangement and execution.


The Bright Side

The proponents of the 2020 workforce hold...

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