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How To Have A Vacation Not Workation
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The term 'workation' is a relatively recent entry in to the everyday vocabulary. It is a play on the term staycation. But where staycation brings thoughts of family fun, relaxation and nostalgia, the term workation can be synonymous with stress and a holiday marred by self-imposed office interruptions. In America, 54% of respondents to a survey said they would check work emails once or twice a week on holiday, with 15% checking them daily. Yet is this necessary, and if so can it be managed so you are still able to enjoy your holiday?


The Need to be Connected


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Insights to the High Demand of Salesforce Skills In 2017
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It is evident that companies and organisations are now tending to recruit people with Salesforce skills. If you do not have it, you should plan on adding it to your resume. It today's job market, it is one of the most sought skills, and its demand is growing at a rampant speed. Whether you are a software developer, solutions architects, and designers or even a manager you need this important skill.

Alexandra "Gigi" Neuenfeldt is the tri-state and national sales manager for IT recruiting and staffing firm Mondo and this is what she believes about it "The demand...

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How to survive as a CIO
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It is important for Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and those running mid-size or large companies to continue changing and adjusting to avoid suffering unpleasant consequences due to the ever-changing nature of the business environment. 

The diffuse nature of technology means it is no longer realistic or even effective to assume tight control. Since many employees are now more knowledgeable about new technology, it is more effective to employ the shared governance model. It is highly recommended to invest in computing and communication infrastructure, which in recent times has...

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