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Practical Advice
Welcome On Board! How Enterprises Can Onboard New Employees Better
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Onboarding formalities vary from one institution to another; one company may prefer to use a structured and a systematic process, another one allows employees to learn on their own the responsibilities and customs of the organisation. Most times, new employees won't experience the second version as an onboarding at all. 

Therefore, a process, through which new workers assimilate essential skills, knowledge and experience to become competent members of an organisation, will be preferable. Some of the techniques human resource department uses to orientate the workers,...

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HR in the Cloud - Reaping the Benefits
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The conventional setting of the HR department is fast changing with the introduction of diverse cloud platforms for large and medium-sized enterprises. Many companies have embraced the use of cloud in their HR departments, while others continue to lag behind due to limited resources and lack of knowledge on the tools used. The benefits of using cloud in HR outweigh those of the conventional HR department:


Centralisation of data

The HR department acts as the core location for strong data in any business. The amount of data stored can become hard to manage or locate if stored in...

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Insights to the High Demand of Salesforce Skills In 2017
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It is evident that companies and organisations are now tending to recruit people with Salesforce skills. If you do not have it, you should plan on adding it to your resume. It today's job market, it is one of the most sought skills, and its demand is growing at a rampant speed. Whether you are a software developer, solutions architects, and designers or even a manager you need this important skill.

Alexandra "Gigi" Neuenfeldt is the tri-state and national sales manager for IT recruiting and staffing firm Mondo and this is what she believes about it "The demand...

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Practical Advice
The Tug of Age
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In today's market, is the playing field of young professionals and established seniors even?

This heated debate was set into motion by recent events that featured Housing.com, Flipkart, and Snapdeal. All these startup companies have one thing in common – they are managed by young professionals. Young individuals are proving themselves every day, but can these young marketing officers really fit into the shoes of the senior marketing officers?

The argument could go either way. The senior CMO (chief marketing officer) has been in the game for a while and has thus acquired the...

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How to survive as a CIO
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It is important for Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and those running mid-size or large companies to continue changing and adjusting to avoid suffering unpleasant consequences due to the ever-changing nature of the business environment. 

The diffuse nature of technology means it is no longer realistic or even effective to assume tight control. Since many employees are now more knowledgeable about new technology, it is more effective to employ the shared governance model. It is highly recommended to invest in computing and communication infrastructure, which in recent times has...

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