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New study: Germany's employees are dissatisfied 
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A new study by a Danish start-up has revealed dissatisfaction among Germans. Compared to Scandinavian countries, Great Britain and the USA, they would recommend their employer less frequently. This result was measured using a new method.


Study thanks to learning algorithms

The survey shows one peculiarity in comparison to conventional studies: The survey was not only carried out on a random day of the year, but continuously. In contrast to annual rounds of questions, the young Danish company Peakon focuses on modern solutions: During the survey, the employees interacted with a...

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2019 Hiring Outlook: The Employee Experience
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A report was released about the 2019 Hiring Outlook and the main topic of interest was employee experience. The main details being the 4 different ways that can be used to attract, engage and retain employees in your firm in the current competitive market.

In this article you will get insight into some of the factors that impact the employee engagement greatly and their general well-being. This is all with an aim to assist the employer to have an easy navigation through today’s market. There is a very competitive job market for employers, and the hiring outlook will offer some of...

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Practical Advice
How to Boost Productivity and Improve Retention with No-Cost Employee Incentives
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Money isn’t the only way to motivate employees. More staffers want recognition and incentives. Keeping your workforce motivated and loyal is essential to running a thriving business. If your employees feel undervalued and overworked, they are going to slow down their efficiency. 

The right kind of employee incentives can make a world of difference in your overall productivity. Proper incentives offer real value and produce efficient staffers and more so, loyal ones. 

However, employee incentives can get very costly quickly. Herein are smart ways to give your employees...

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Excellent Practices for a Successful Employee Offboarding
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Off-boarding is the process of removing a worker from a company either due to termination or resignation. As company leaders are working to improve their employee working experience, this process often remains an area that requires closer attention. Most firms are more equipped and prepared than ever to attract more outstanding employees, onboard them with training, control their performance and expressively recognise their benefits and contributions. 

Currently, the care most employers provide their workers during their arrival often fades away upon their departure, which is a...

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Advantages of Benefits Plans to Both the Employer and the Employees
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There are numerous advantages of providing employees benefits plans. Both the employee and the employer stand to benefit from the additional services given to employees. The employers get to retain their most skilled employees and attract new employees in this competitive job sector. Employers who provide their employees with limited benefits plan will end up losing their skilled employees and very few new employees will want to work for them. 

The employee benefits do not need to be expensive non-wages compensations such as expensive cars, paid vacations, or medical covers. A simple...

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Practical Advice
Keep Employes From Leaving by Understanding Their True Motives
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Watching employees come and go is just part of corporate life, but there are special situations that may prompt your intervention. What is the best way to handle an unwanted employee resignation, you may wonder? By using a little tact, skillful communication and a good measure of common sense. 

The first crucial step in convincing employees to stay is to determine exactly why they’re trying to leave, so you can then propose to fix those issues if possible or somehow update your terms in a way that will change their mind. This is a little trickier than it sounds since it involves...

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Are You a Workaholic?
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There is nothing wrong if someone is dedicated to their work. However, overworking even when you're away from work and always having work-related thoughts are some of the traits that define a workaholic. 


Talk to Your Employees 

As a human resource manager, you should have candid conversations with your employees concerning how they can attain a work-life balance that is better and book their remaining time as soon as possible to avoid becoming completely exhausted through overwork down the line. 


Survey Conducted by Glassdoor 

A high percentage of...

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Practical Advise
Dealing with Criminal Offenses at the Workplace
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Criminal offenses often take place in the workplace. How they are addressed is vital. Each offense may require a different approach depending on whether it is work-related or not. Cooperation between employee and employer is mandatory for a fast and amicable solution.

Work-related Offenses

Here is what to consider when dealing with the offenses:

  1. Consider whether or not to suspend the employee. The action to take depends on the weight of the crime. Offenses affecting individual and other workmates performance may require suspending the culprits.
  2. Look for relevant evidence through internal...

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How Pivotal HR is in digital transformation
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Businesses and organizations' digital growth is proving to be vital for their competitiveness and success. The role of HR is equally essential in realizing this goal. Employees of companies have to embrace digitization. Digitization does not only refer to technological advancements but also to processes and structures. This progress in an organization is dependent on the human resource, its will and ability to instill the concept in their staff. A company stuck with traditional cultures and practices will be slow to make important decisions thus missing out on significant opportunities....

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Notable Employee Training Trends: Digitally Based Insight and Clarity
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The role of employees within the modern workforce is continuing to evolve, so it only makes sense that their training methods will change accordingly. What are three notable trends to look out for and how will they shape the concept of "business as usual"? 


The Role of Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Sometimes referred to as "vILT", this process seeks to translate classroom-based learning into the virtual domain. As technology continues to advance, this method represents a versatile and immersive solution that offers minimal workplace disruption. Webinars and...

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