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Are You a Workaholic?
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There is nothing wrong if someone is dedicated to their work. However, overworking even when you're away from work and always having work-related thoughts are some of the traits that define a workaholic. 


Talk to Your Employees 

As a human resource manager, you should have candid conversations with your employees concerning how they can attain a work-life balance that is better and book their remaining time as soon as possible to avoid becoming completely exhausted through overwork down the line. 


Survey Conducted by Glassdoor 

A high percentage of...

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Practical Advice
Motivation Versus the Workaholic in HR: Coping with the Pressure
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Many individuals choose a career in human resources due to the fact that this field is highly dynamic and that it presents a number of challenges. However, this fast-paced environment can be associated with its own set of problems. Of particular concern are those individuals who become workaholics as a result of their daily workloads. Tackling hundreds of emails, constantly communicating with other team members and managing large amounts of data can contribute to this state. What are some of the symptoms of this condition and what can management do to mitigate its effects?



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Inside Story
Google Utilising Employee Analytics To Boost Performance
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Seeking feedback from employees is by no means a new idea and is common practice in many companies but how useful can it actually be? Administering employee-feedback surveys across a workforce is an easy way to provide human resources with a lot of data but what to then do with it is the most important stage and one that many employers are ignoring. 

Indeed, many business leaders are now questioning whether surveys of employees is any use at all, wary of the accuracy of such feedback and the overall benefit to their company. Recent studies have even found the employees themselves also...

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