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Is Your Workforce Fit for the Future?
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Leaders preparing their workforce of the future are well aware of the challenges they'll face. These include securing growth while tackling new opportunities. With a focus on people, it's important to ensure excellent performance while boosting personal development. 

A PwC Survey

The majority of companies know that a skilled workforce is critical for the future. However, only around 33% have talent programmes to maximise people skills. Moreover, only around 34% of those surveyed by PricewaterhouseCoopers on “Preparing for Tomorrow's Workforce Today”...

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HR in the Cloud - Reaping the Benefits
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The conventional setting of the HR department is fast changing with the introduction of diverse cloud platforms for large and medium-sized enterprises. Many companies have embraced the use of cloud in their HR departments, while others continue to lag behind due to limited resources and lack of knowledge on the tools used. The benefits of using cloud in HR outweigh those of the conventional HR department:


Centralisation of data

The HR department acts as the core location for strong data in any business. The amount of data stored can become hard to manage or locate if stored in...

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Enlightenment through playing
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It's one of the best known child's games - and now a human recruitment method: The Lego Serious Play is an innovative process whose design enhances innovation and business performance. 

Essence of the game

The Lego Serious Play is a communication and problem-solving process that is done through a facilitated meeting. The facilitator asks questions as the participants build their 3D Lego models as a response to the questions. The participants are taken through a number of questions that probe deep into a subject.

The 3D models set a basis for sharing knowledge,...

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How to survive as a CIO
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It is important for Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and those running mid-size or large companies to continue changing and adjusting to avoid suffering unpleasant consequences due to the ever-changing nature of the business environment. 

The diffuse nature of technology means it is no longer realistic or even effective to assume tight control. Since many employees are now more knowledgeable about new technology, it is more effective to employ the shared governance model. It is highly recommended to invest in computing and communication infrastructure, which in recent times has...

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Practical Advice
Growing your Organization’s Human Resource through Mentoring
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Employees are the biggest resource that any organisation has, so it is imperative to find ways to capitalise on them. It would be impossible to make profits or grow an establishment if your employees are not meeting their full potential. Mentoring programs have become the most efficient ways to achieve that. Of course, there may be the traditional mentor-mentee relationships, but it is essential to make it an official requirement for a few reasons.

Nurture Your Recruits
One benefit of having an official mentorship program is making certain that recruits learn the operations of an entity...

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