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Why every enterprise needs learnability
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“Learnability” is the new keyword when it comes to weighing up staff. It’s being seen by some companies as the most sought-after attribute for both employees and job candidates, even up to senior executive level. Learnability describes someone's aptitude for learning, developing new skills and adopting novel ways of doing things. Those individuals who are highly proficient learners, are seen as adaptable and therefore able to keep pace with the dizzying level of technological and commercial change companies are currently coping with. Disruptive innovation...

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Choosing a fitting HR software
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Selecting a new HR software for your company can be a challenging task. You may be trying to avoid one, but the right software solution can transform your Human Resource department into a vibrant service. Before you start hunting for one, there are several factors you need to put into consideration. These will help you understand the benefits of acquiring such a solution. A Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) has various benefits, to touch only a few of them; using this solution will cut down the hours spent executing manual jobs, automate tasks and reduce the human...

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4 Benefits of a Data Driven Recruiting
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Recruiting managers are mostly overwhelmed by the number of applicants and potential employees when in the shortlisting process. This challenge is brought about by the lack of tools to analyse and store data for easy interpretation. Big Data is helping recruiters to manage this data with Data Driven Recruiting. Processing candidate application is automated and structured – which comes with various benefits.


1. Distinct instantaneous information scrutiny

Recruiting agencies experience challenges in operating a network of branches which need intensive analysis when trying to come...

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HR in the Cloud - Reaping the Benefits
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The conventional setting of the HR department is fast changing with the introduction of diverse cloud platforms for large and medium-sized enterprises. Many companies have embraced the use of cloud in their HR departments, while others continue to lag behind due to limited resources and lack of knowledge on the tools used. The benefits of using cloud in HR outweigh those of the conventional HR department:


Centralisation of data

The HR department acts as the core location for strong data in any business. The amount of data stored can become hard to manage or locate if stored in...

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Practical Advice
Growing your Organization’s Human Resource through Mentoring
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Employees are the biggest resource that any organisation has, so it is imperative to find ways to capitalise on them. It would be impossible to make profits or grow an establishment if your employees are not meeting their full potential. Mentoring programs have become the most efficient ways to achieve that. Of course, there may be the traditional mentor-mentee relationships, but it is essential to make it an official requirement for a few reasons.

Nurture Your Recruits
One benefit of having an official mentorship program is making certain that recruits learn the operations of an entity...

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