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Employer Branding: These 5 topics were particularly interesting for HR Managers 2018
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Finding good and reliable personnel is an increasingly demanding task. This is shown not only by the statistics on vacancies, but also by the topics HR managers were most interested in – according to our DSP selfcampaign that analyses which articles managers read in 2018. For example, 43 percent of HR managers in 2018 were looking for articles on recruiting. 


Recruiting via social networks

In 2018, professional networks such as Xing and LinkedIn continued to gain importance in recruiting. According to a recent study by the job portal "Monster" in cooperation...

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Information sharing made easy – social collaboration
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Without question - most people use different forms of wikis, messengers and discussion platforms on a daily basis. But did you know that these digital tools could also benefit your enterprise? This is called social collaboration and is the group effort of multiple stakeholders in a company who are all in pursuit of a common objective. This strategy can be split into timeline and results orientations. For example, if your company has to meet its goals within a specific time period, the long-term communities such as forums are the main driving force behind social collaboration. 



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