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What really occupies HR professionals: The biggest HR topics for 2019
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What do HR managers and HR managers focus most on in 2019? Which topics are particularly urgent? In cooperation with the DSP selfcampaign, we analyse the most widely read HR articles 2018 and come to the following conclusion: There are numerous issues in human resources. The individual top topics are closely entwined. Nevertheless, they give an indication of the most pressing areas in human resources: 


10. Probation

Regulate the probationary period fairly, comply with legal regulations, conduct probationary period discussions: HR managers are very preoccupied with all this. As a...

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Notable Employee Training Trends: Digitally Based Insight and Clarity
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The role of employees within the modern workforce is continuing to evolve, so it only makes sense that their training methods will change accordingly. What are three notable trends to look out for and how will they shape the concept of "business as usual"? 


The Role of Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Sometimes referred to as "vILT", this process seeks to translate classroom-based learning into the virtual domain. As technology continues to advance, this method represents a versatile and immersive solution that offers minimal workplace disruption. Webinars and...

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E-Learning as a Human Resource Management Tool
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The internet age has made many objectives more economical and attainable for businesses of all sizes. In-office and virtual staff can come together through a website software to meet, discuss and train. Managing a scattered workforce is much easier with smart gadgets that keep everybody connected. 

For companies, e-learning tools have made it more affordable to provide additional training and incentives to employees that were previously cost prohibitive. It's no wonder today's staff are more well-trained and capable than ever before. The following are some ways in which...

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Using Technology to Promote Employee Development
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Human resources development, or HRD, is the process in which the Human Resources Department of a company helps its employees to develop. Develop in this sense means acquiring competencies, increasing knowledge, and enhancing skills. The purpose of human resource development is to increase performance and productivity. In addition to focusing on workplace skills enhancement, human resources development is also concerned with the personal development of employees, as it sees work and personal development in a holistic light.


Remote training

To achieve development among employees,...

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