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The Key Points to Making Job-Sharing Work
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As people look for a better work-life balance, the idea of job-sharing is becoming increasingly credible. New parents, carers, people looking to spend more time on a freelance project or hobbies can see the potential of sharing a working week with another employee. Yet, this can work to the employers advantage too. Two people can bring different ideas and accumulated years of professional experience for the price of one. 


Partnership of Trust 

For job-sharing to work, the two employees need to be the right fit for each other and the company. Each of the...

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Successful Remote Work
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Remote working has gained some popularity over the last few years. Research findings attribute this phenomenon to its nature; it allows workers more flexibility as they can work from home. However, successful remote working requires employees to have a healthy attitude towards work. This ensures that they can maintain their work discipline even when working away from the office. 


Successful remote work adoption

Adopting remote work as a work policy calls for a careful consideration of the nature of work of the company. Remote work doesn’t favour companies whose nature of...

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What Experts Think About The Workforce 2020
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Worksforce 2020 – that's what the New York Times is calling the upcoming changes in work. The corresponding publication entitled "Journalism that Stands Apart" focuses on the effect of digital transformation of the workplace on the staff. This transformation goes beyond the digitisation of communication that has been done already. Workforce 2020 comes with a paradigm that influences the entire approach to business. It aims at using the digital platforms to optimise work arrangement and execution.


The Bright Side

The proponents of the 2020 workforce hold...

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How To Have A Vacation Not Workation
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The term 'workation' is a relatively recent entry in to the everyday vocabulary. It is a play on the term staycation. But where staycation brings thoughts of family fun, relaxation and nostalgia, the term workation can be synonymous with stress and a holiday marred by self-imposed office interruptions. In America, 54% of respondents to a survey said they would check work emails once or twice a week on holiday, with 15% checking them daily. Yet is this necessary, and if so can it be managed so you are still able to enjoy your holiday?


The Need to be Connected


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